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William Wadsworth Wickenstaff

Birthday: November 25


Character’s nickname: Wee Willie Winkie (by mother), Wil, and Wills (by Mayleesa)


Birthday: November 25


Looks: 6’2”, dark, straight brown hair parted to left, hazel eyes, wide smirking smile, round wire-rimmed glasses, sinewy athletic build, large feet/hands, clean shaven


Education: Oxford (undergraduate), Masters in Architecture Boston University


Marital Status: widowed


Family, ethnicity: British/Welsh


Places (home, office, car, etc): Graydor Estates; looking to rent an office downtown Portasilva; sold Mayleesa’s black 4 door Volvo; driving Ford Country Squire


Possessions: Mickey Mantle baseball card, wedding album, letters written by Mayleesa, wedding band that he still wears, chess set given to him by Grandfather Wickenstaff, Mayleesa’s paintings, great-grandfather’s T square


Recreation, hobbies: hiking, sketching architectural designs, exploring, reading, vacationing, spending time with children, playing chess


Obsessions: organization, cleanliness, order, punctuality


Fears: losing a child, being lost in the jungle


Food Preferences: blueberry scones, tea with honey or milk, shepard’s pie, hates kidney pie, likes bangers and mash and Mayleesa’s chicken and dumplings, hates the smell of rotten fruit


Talents: hold breath underwater for 1:30, speaks fluent German, goalie in football in Wales and for Oxford, quick with numbers, skilled sketch artist in architecture

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