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An abandoned house full of secrets. A mother’s promise broken. A deadly adventure through a world of dreams.


After the death of their mother, the Wickenstaff children are forced to move to the small, sleepy town of Portasilva where they are supposed to start a new life. However, what they find instead is a town plagued by insomnia and nightmares and a mysterious house with shadows and creatures lurking in corners and closets.


The Wickenstaffs soon realize their mother’s past is littered with family secrets, some of which might kill them. After they find a hidden office and slip into Drenigh—a world of dreams and nightmares—the siblings will have to be braver than they ever imagined. A force of evil threatens to upset the balance in Drenigh. The Wickenstaffs must preserve the balance before the darkness creeps in and devours their own world, only they don’t even know the vital roles they will play. The biggest question is, will they survive?


The Wickenstaffs’ Journey, an unforgettable fantasy novel with enchanting illustrations, is an exhilarating reading experience for anyone who thrills in an edge-of-the-seat journey.

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