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Mayleesa Eve Wickenstaff

Birthday: June 2


Character’s Nickname: Leelee (by sisters when they were younger); Maylee (by William)


Looks: 5’9”, slender willowy figure, long wavy dark brown hair with auburn highlights, brown eyes, olive complexion


Education: received undergraduate degree from Boston University in Art History


Vocation/Occupation: owned an art gallery in Bar Harbor, Maine


Family, ethnicity: father-Italian; mother-Native American


Places (home, office, car, etc.): last residence was in Bar Harbor, Maine; owned an art gallery called, The Art of Inspiration


Possessions: pottery pieces made in college, postcards from sisters, letters from Wil, china with the daisy pattern, kids’ baby books


Recreation, hobbies: painting, playing piano, gardening, spending time with Wil and the kids


Obessessions: keeping her past a secret, sheltering Isaac, keeping the kids safe, a clean kitchen and bathroom


Beliefs: in the good of people, in the power of dreams


Talents: painting, music, looking for the best in others, encouraging


Siblings: Mona and Liza Ciaglia


Parents: Foster and Isadora Ciaglia

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