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Margaret Letitia Wickenstaff

Birthday: July 19


Character’s Nickname: Maggie


Age: 11


Looks: shoulder-length brown hair with auburn highlights, brown eyes, 5’1"


Education: currently in 6th grade


Family Ethnicity: father-British; mother-Italian/Native American


Relationships: had three best friends in Maine; Emily Kerny, Crystal Swenson, and David Deloney


Places: currently lives on Graydor Estates, Portasilva


Possessions: a pair of green Converse, a marble collection


Recreation, hobbies: painting, climbing trees and performing dare-devil feats unless they include riding a bicycle, loves the outdoors


Obsessions: can’t sleep if the doors are open at all, always has to make her bed in the morning but is otherwise a bit messy, loves to collect unique items


Beliefs: believes in all fairytales and things supernatural, believes in God, angels and heaven


Ambitions: wants to be an artist or if that doesn’t work out she wants to be a tightrope walker


Fears: riding a bicycle, demons


Food Preferences: loves watermelon, pumpkin pie the most but will pretty much try anything once


Talents: art, math, very flexible, fast runner


Siblings: Isaac, Jackson, Isabella


Parents: William and Mayleesa Wickenstaff

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