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Isabella Renee Wickenstaff

Birthday: July 4


Character’s Nickname: Isa, My Belle (by Mayleesa)


Age: 13


Looks: long, dark, straight hair, green eyes, olive complexion, slender build, 5’3”


Education: Currently in 8th grade


Family, Ethnicity: father-British; mother: Italian/Native American


Relationships: best friends in Maine-Sabrina Jendeeze, David Antonovich


Places: lives on Graydor Estates, Portasilva


Possessions: sheet music belonging to mother, yellow quilted blanket with a giraffe appliqué, notebook


Recreation, hobbies: playing outside, reading interesting books, playing piano and writings songs, playing pretend, taking adventures with family, finding answers, taking charge, writing stories


Ambitions: to become a writer, an archeologist, a concert pianist, and an oceanographer


Fears: losing her father, brothers, or sister, forgetting her mother, heights


Correspondence: wants to write to Sabrina and David


Food Preferences: loves Mexican food, cheese, oreos and milk, peanut butter toast, and chicken and dumplings


Talents: musical-sings and plays piano; writes; can recall information easily; good at memorization


Siblings: Isaac, Jackson, Maggie


Parents: William and Mayleesa Wickenstaff

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