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Isaac William Wickenstaff

Birthday: January 1


Character’s Nickname: none


Age: 14


Looks: 5’9”, sandy brown hair, blue eyes, wiry, slightly scrawny build, big feet and hands


Education: Currently in 9th grade


Relationships: best friend in Maine, Ellie Braden


Places: lives on Graydor Estates, Portasilva


Possessions: favorite novel, manuscript of first novel, picture of him and Mayleesa, picture of him, Jackson, and Ellie, coin collection


Recreation, hobbies: reading, studying, researching, hiking, bicycling, writing, organizing, sketching, soccer, baseball


Obsessions: neatness, cleanliness, order, organization, sharpened pencils


Ambitions: to publish manuscript, to research, perhaps become a scientist, to go to college


Fears: disappointing his dad, inability to help siblings, forest fires


Correspondence: Ellie


Food Preferences: steak medium-rare, mashed potatoes; hates green beans, spinach, peppers, brussel sprouts (almost anything green)


Talents: quick thinker, can recall details from every book he ever read, great with definitions, can process numbers quickly in head, fast runner, good sketcher


Siblings: Jackson (twin brother), Isabella, Maggie


Parents: William and Mayleesa Wickenstaff

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